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ERC conquers Gurudongmar(17800ft)

The himalayas and Royal enfield have always shared a very special bond which is kind of unbreakable. Going with his/her own machine at those heights and experiencing the true, natural and unpolluted beauty of the mountains is perhaps the most amazing experience for any biker in his/her life. Team of 6 strong riders from the Enfield Rider's Community Kolkata squadron started their journey on a fine morning of October 2018 to conquer the mighty himalayas and the world's highest lake, the Mighty Gurudongmar located at an altitude of 17800ft from the mean sea level. The trip was mesmerizing and was a wonderful experience for the riders.

More to come as we ride long and ride hard.


Santanu -- Classic 350

Suman -- Standard 500

Raja -- Classic 350

Prosenjit -- Classic 350

Soham -- Classic 350

Sunava -- Standard 500


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