2018 Year End ride to Daringbadi and Gopalpur

Its winter time and the best season to travel within India was here. ERC Kolkata squadron selected Daringbadi and Gopalpur as a destination for a 3 day winter trip. December 21st till 23rd was the date in everybody's mind. With months in advance, planning started on the stays and other activities including an idea to shoot a club video "Spirit of ERC" during this ride. The itinery decided as follows:

Day 1 -- kolkata to Daringbadi(approx 720kms)

Day 2 -- Daringbadi to Gopalpur (150kms)

Day 3 -- Gopalpur to Kolkata (633kms)

Indeed a fantastic way to end 2018 with high hopes on 2019


Soham Pal -- Classic 350

Santanu Saha -- Classic 350

Hirak Mazumder -- Standard 500

Sunava Basu -- Standard 500

Arijit Acharya -- Thunderbird 350

Dipayan Mondal -- Thunderbird 350

Abhijit Sarkar -- Thunderbird 350..

2018 year ender ride
2018 year ender ride