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  • What is the joining process?
    You can join the club by following the simple procedure: Check eligibility criteria here Choose the membership type. Register as guided in the website. With Pan India presence, please refer to our chapters here and join the facebook group. Once you join the facebook group, please attend a meet with the chapter and the respective regional moderators can guide you in to the community. There is a login option in the website as well, which is primarily to promote our internal forum on the website. You can login with email/social media logins to this site and access the forum arena.. You are encouraged to use the forum effectively and exchange your ideas with other members
  • What can you expect from the club
    The club is envisioned to promote adventure touring and long distance rides on Royal Enfield. Our rides will be designed around this theme. Apart from quality rides, you can expect a sense of brotherhood amongst all members.
  • Club Member Ranks
    We are working on this and we will get back shortly. For details please write to
  • Club membership
    We are a non profit organisation and hence we refrain from collecting donations from the members. All events are self sponsered by the members themselves and we dont have any additional memberships in place. You are requested to contact chapter moderators for more.
  • Improper Usage of Merchandise.
    Any incident reported of improper usage of merchandise will be dealt strictly and can result in suspension or even termination from the club. We expect the members to understand the emotional aspect of this and use the patches properly
  • Who are the Chapter Moderators?
    Chapter Moderators are members like everyone with a little additional responsibility. Any member chosen as a chapter moderator should hold the position not more than one year. This is to ensure that all deserving members gets to lead the chapter atleast once. A chapter Moderator: Should not act as a boss Should be very friendly with the members Should be responsible for inducting new members into the chapter Should be responsible for organising and conducting rides with suggestions from members Should be responsible for conducting monthly meets and pass on the updates to the chapter. Is expected to take a decisive steps in case of conflict and should be able to resolve it with peace and harmony. Should take take final call during conflict resolution. Should be innovative in engaging the team and bind them together. Should be the first point of contact for external events. Should work with other clubs in the region and promote riding and brotherhood.
  • How is a chapter moderator chosen?
    Chapter moderataor is chosen based on the feedback from the chapter members and a joint decision by the ERC Core Member team(consisting of founders and other Chapter mods and ex Mods)
  • Can I hold multiple club membership?
    We promote riding and brotherhood, however we need to respect the integrity and decisions of our own community. Hence multi-club membership will not be entertained if you are an ERC member. This will be strictly followed as we want you to concentrate at one place and make the place better and perfect. This will be treated with utmost sensitivity and we expect members to be true in this at the time of joining.
  • Termination of membership
    If a member is found to violate rules prescribed here, he/she will be served a warning and repeated occurance of the same event will lead to termination from the group.
  • What are the riding rules with us?
    We believe in core riding and safety is the utmost concern Safety Gears (Mandatory checklist without which you cannot ride with us) Riding Jackets or Strong leather jacket(strong enough to protect from scratches on body) High ankle boots Protective gloves Riding pants or Strong jeans Knee guard (if not wearing riding pants) Elbow guard (If not wearing a riding jacket) Formation A disciplined riding group should always follow a proper formation on road. The ride formation are decided by the ride captains, marshalls and sweep. You are requested to follow this at all times and not break it. Breaking formations causes a chain reaction and will cause issues for fellow riders as well.
  • What are the ride categories?
    Ride Categories Short Miles Minimum 200kms one way(Will depend on voting). Extra miles 200 - 500 kms one way. Ultra Long miles More than 500kms one way. Adventure Miles Dirt track, offroading events includes multi day adventure trips(min 10 days and 1000kms round trip) Relaxing miles More than 100kms one way mainly meant for overnight fun. Family and party time Family Day The day where you can bring family members into the event. Once a year Yearly Bash ERC pan India Event for family and other region folks. Once a Year Community Service This will be as per suggestions from members. Being a responsible biking club, we should give back to the society
  • Which type of transport can go on rides?
    It is a biking club and of course, we will not entertain any other mode of transport on official rides apart from Royal Enfield. Of course there are cases where multiple families wants to join us for the particular ride. In such cases, families (wife and children) are expected to go separate in a hired van and the our ERC member rides. Note: The hired transport should not be part of the formation.
  • Is there any backup vehicle arranged for the rides?
    Riders are expected to know their machines very well. Hence there will be no scope for uinclusion of a backup vehicle on rides. Ofcourse all brothers are there to help in case of an unfortunate breakdown. We will try to repair with our skills on the road and if indeed there is a need for towing the vehicle to the nearest service station, then all ride participants will do the same. We will make sure that we will not leave any of our brother behind.
  • Are pillions allowed during the rides?
    Pillions are not allowed for rides more than 250 kms one way. For rides less than this distance, the riders in the team should give consent for the same.
  • What are the list of official merchandise?
    Following are the list of official club merchandise. The design will be defined by the core team and passed on the the regional coordinators for printing and distribution. Stickers T shirts Leather vests -- Limited to current and Ex Moderators and Founders Jeans Vest -- Restricted to Tenured members in club and decided by Founders Hoodies Thigh bags Waist pouches Badges Patches Flags -- Restricted to the ones chosen by Moderator and founder squad Caps Wrist Bands All merchandise are ordered in sets and usually a mix bag of a variety of items. The content of the set is decided mutually by Chapter mods and Founders.
  • Can I have any other merchandise apart from the list mentioned?
    Merchandise order and distribution is a job of chapter moderator and you can coordinate with them and put forward your suggestion and they can work on the feasibility and get back. There can be event/chapter specific merchandise with ERC logo printed. But those have to be sent to Core team for consent and once consent is obtained, respective chapter moderators can order and distribute
  • How do I pay for the merchandise?
    All merchandise are self sponsered by the members and price and ordering details will be published by the chapter moderators. You are requested to coordinate with them
  • How do I use the merchandise?
    Following Club merchandise are very sensitive and they should be used as guided. Stickers On Helmet On Bike On any other transport which you own Flags On bikes only On riding jackets and leather jackets only You are requested to flaunt the club T shirt proudly. You can wear it in any unnofficial event but you should refrain from wearint the official T shirt for a biking event in which the club is not participating officially. In case you wish to do so, please seek consent from Chapter moderator
  • How can I use the patches?
    The ERC Patches are given only to the chosen ones who earn it. There will be two kind of patches and their application is described below: Big Patch Should be used on the back side of Riding Jacket Small Patch Should be used close to the heart. Either on chest or on the Right Sleeve
  • Who gets Watsapp Group Access?
    Only Active members registered with us and with whom our Chapter mods have met in person and have completed on ride with us are eligible to get Watsapp Group access for the chapter.
  • What if I want to start a Chapter?
    We believe that the brotherhood should be spread across the country and if you feel you have the potential to spread it across in your region, please write to us at and we will take it forward.
  • What should be Watsapp group ethics?
    Watsapp group is created to pass on run time information to the team. However, since writing does not have emotions documented very well, we expect the team to be very precise in their communication in the group. Members are expected to follow few principles as follows: Do not engage in conflicts in watsapp. Contact chapter mod in person during conflict Do not post any thing apart from rides, bikes, route planning and SOS in the chapter group. No forwards of any sort. No religion, political, adultery jokes/chats/indications or forwards in the main group. Conversations on a lighter note is acceptable. No personal selfie/outing pic posting.
  • What are the website forum rules?
    Website forum is built to promote a social netwkorking and exchange of ideas between the ERC members. Forum access is given only to the approved members of ERC who have registered in the website. All members are requested to maintain decorum and post as per the topics mentioned in the forum. Please refrain from getting indulged into any other topics apart from biking..
  • Who is eligible to use ERC Logo?
    Chapter moderators, ERC Core team and Founders.
  • What is the process for logo usage?
    Any usage of ERC logo shall have to be approved by the founders and the ERC core team.
  • Improper usage of logo.
    ERC Logo is close the heart and it reflects our emotion towards the family and the community. Any unauthorised usage of the logo will be striclty dealt with and would lead to the termination of club membership or suspension.
  • What are the Criteria Set for Mega/Mini Adventure rides?
    1. Complete at least (1-6 months)* in the club. 2. Have experience in high altitude riding with a group. Should be on RE and should be able to prove it. 3. Contribute and participate actively in atleast 1-2* CSR in the year in which the ride is planned. 4. Complete atleast 1-3* High Endurance ride/s (600kms round trip in a day) with the Chapter for the current year(in which the ride is planned) 5. Complete atleast (1 - 6)* ONRs with the club. 6. Should participate in atleast (1 - 6)* Monthly meet after becoming active member. 7. Should not have any disciplinary actions taken/reported/observed on him/her. 8. Should not have any medical conditions which is objectionable for high altitude/tough terrains/endurance ride. 9. Should attend/conduct atleast one DIY session with the team for the current year. 10. Attend atleast 1 ERC Anniversary celebration. 11. Be a team player. Feedback on this would be taken from the existing members. 12. Be part of the Active member group and not in Broadcast group. 13. Have participated in 1-2* Mega Adventure with the club. 14. Should demonstrate his capability to fix his own machine..and should know the basics. 15. Should participate in Voice of Riders survey and provide constructive feedback for improvement of the club. *Ride host can choose the appropriate number for the particular ride from this range in discussion and agreement with the Chapter Moderators.
  • What is the process for setting the ride criteria?
    The process to choose is as follows: 1. Ride host suggests the plan to the moderators. 2. Ride host and moderators decide mutually on which criterias (out of the Criteria Set) is relvant for the particular Mega Adventure/Mini Adventure ride which is currently being planned. Example, Eligibility for Ladakh and Coorg/Nainital/Runn of Kutch cannot be same and hence this will provide flexibility to the Ride Host and the moderators to come up with the appropriate ride eligibility for a particular ride. However this is mandatory that the Ride Host and Moderators agree to one common concensus ammicably. There should not be any disagreements between them.
  • When should the Mega/Mini Adventure be posted to public? (point for Moderators)
    All Mega/Mini Adventures should be posted at least 90 days prior to the start of the ride. Note: This is applicable to posting the ride with a tentative plan at this time. The final plan(including the dates) is subject to refinement in due course of time and should be based on discussion and agreement with moderators and participating members.
  • Our Obligation during/after the ride..
    ERC is a non profit riding club. We are a cluster of passionate riders. When a member signs up for the Mega/Mini Adventure, following things should be strictly understood. 1. ERC organizes the rides only. 2. ERC in no means sponsors any rides. 3. ERC in no means forces any riders to join a particular ride. 4. ERC in no means is responsible for any mishap(god forbids) of any nature happening during/after the ride. No member/position holders of ERC should be held accountable for this. It is member's voluntary participation and he/she owns the complete responsibility on this. 5. ERC does not encourage members hiding ride information/ride plan with family. 6. ERC trusts the health information disclosed by members prior to ride. If false information is provided at that time, and it leads to any untoward condition during/after the ride, ERC should not be held accountable. ERC is herein referred to all members/position holders of ERC in any region.
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