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What is Best Engine oil for your Royal Enfield??

As a biker, the most common question which comes to our minds when it comes to maintenance of our machines is which oil is best for it. Well!! choosing engine oil for your machines is a tricky job and depends on a lot of factors. Few of the factors which you would want to consider are as follows:

1. What do you use the bike for?

2. How many Kilometers you would want to run the bike at a stretch?

3. What are the conditions in which you are planning to ride the bike?

4. How much load the bike is going to take with it?

Well!! we are here to answer all that in this blog. As Royal enfield riders, the only destination which comes to our mind is the Mountains as this bike is tailor made for it. However, preparing the bike for any trip is not an easy job. But.. That's a long story and we are going to keep it limited to Engine Oil discussion in this blog.

Types of Engine oils in Market

Mineral Oil

Definition: Mineral oils are the most used and recommended oils when used in the city limits. Most of the company recommended engine oils are mineral oils.

Change interval: 2000 Kms.

Brands and models: Motul 3000, Shell V power

Grade: 15W50

Our Verdict: Motul 3000.


  • Smooth functioning of engine

  • Reduced engine vibration


  • Reduced service interval

  • Often tends to be prone to false gearing at about 1700kms

Semi Synthetic

Definition: Semi synthetic oils are a notch above the mineral oils with added tolerance to temperatures and generally have a longer service intervals than standard mineral oils.

Change interval: 3000 - 4000 Kms.

Brands and models: Motul 5100, Shell, Wuerth

Grade: 15W50

Our Verdict: Motul 5100 or Wuerth


  • Engine becomes less noisy

  • Reduced engine vibration

  • Longer service intervals

  • Less engine heat

  • No false gears


  • Not recommended for long tours as riding with this oil for a long time causes the viscosity to go down drastically.

  • Costly compared to Mineral oils.

Synthetic Oils

Definition: Fully synthetic oils are probably the best suited ones when it comes to touring. Fully synthetic oils are tolerant to higher engine temperatures and helps reduce a lot of engine frictions. This results in longer life for engines. These are highly engineered products often recommended for racing category motorcycles which are exposed long duration of high speed riding.

Change interval: 6000- 8000 Kms.

Brands and models: Motul 300V, Liqui Moly street synthetic

Grade: 15W50

Our Verdict: Both Motul and Liqui Moly


  • No Engine vibrations

  • Butter smooth engine in high speeds

  • Improved acceleration

  • No engine heat

  • Ideal for long distance touring as it saves time for oil changes during the trip


  • Very very costly compared to other oils available in the market for day to day use

Final Verdict: Motul 300v or Liqui Moly Street Synthetic

We tried our hands on both Motul, Wurth, Shell and Liqui Moly. All these brands are neck to neck in comparison and it is hard to distinguish. But still Motul and Liqui Moly would be the recommended brands when it comes to keeping your bike healthy and safe. Ofcourse, being tourers the recommended would be to go for Synthetic oils before setting on a long tour. Keep checking the engine oil levels at frequent intervals during the trip and you are all set for a wonderful trip.

Do comment in your thoughts on this in the comments section and do follow us on facebook and instagram for more. Ofcourse, if you enjoy watching motovlogging videos, please subscribe to our channel by hitting the link in page footer..

Happy and safe riding!!


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