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About ERC

Enfield Rider's Community is India's only adventure touring club, which focuses on touring on Royal Enfield and exploring the unexplored. Conceptualized in 2016, with a vision to promote adventure touring in India and other parts of the world on Royal Enfield, this motorcycle club is a true platform for all Royal Enfield riders to unleash the true potentital of their machines. Currently ERC has strong foothold across Kolkata, Assam and Bengaluru, while we spread wings to the the rest of parts of India. So if you have the zeal to go explore the remotest corner of the country on your bull, come join us and be a part of this niche legacy!!
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Feel the machine!!
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Join the madness!!
Evergreen Memories
Upcoming  Rides and  meets!!
Craving for a ride? Why wait? Clink on the locations near you and join the squad for an amazing outing
Brotherhood that defines us!!
Wall of Fame
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