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Soham joins Kolkata Mod Squad

❗❗❗❗❗❗Announcement❗❗❗❗❗❗ It is time for another change in the leadership of Kolkata Chapter. After a month long discussion between the founders squad and based on majority approval from the core team, we are glad to announce announce that Soham joins the Kolkata moderator Squad with effect from 2nd September 2019. Soham will continue to work with Anirban(Papan)over next 2 months for a smooth transition. About Soham: Soham has been one of the pilot members in presence of whom ERC was formed in Kolkata. He remained instrumental in rides and have completed Arunachal with the team. He is still a bachelor :p and owns a Classic 350. He likes offroading, dirt tracks and adventure miles on two wheels. With Soham into the squad, Dipayan officially steps down as a Moderator. He will continue to remain part of the India planning and mods squad to guide the present moderators as and when the need be. We would take this opportunity to thank him for all his contributions towards the community and at the same time we would wish to Congratulate Soham for his new role in the Squad and wish him all the best!! Soham would be inducted into the India Planning Squad and Mods squad officially.. Upon complete transition,he would work closely with Arghya on chapter activities. All the best !!

  • ERC Founders Squad!!


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